The Daily Report Covers the Launch of Our Firm

The March 16 edition of the Daily Report covered the launch of our firm.  Here's an excerpt from the article, "Justice Department Voting Rights Lawyer Goes Solo":

Civil rights lawyer Bryan Sells has left the Department of Justice in Washington to start his own voting rights and election law firm here in Atlanta.

Sells was special litigation counsel for the Voting Section of the DOJ Civil Rights Division for five years. Before that he spent a decade in Atlanta as the senior staff attorney for the ACLU's Voting Rights Project.

Sells said he will continue taking the same types of cases as at the DOJ, but now in private practice at the Law Office of Brian L. Sells. While working for the DOJ's Civil Rights Division, he handled Texas statewide redistricting and voter ID challenges, as well as voter ID litigation in South Carolina and a redistricting challenge in Alabama.

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